Northroup Realty Co., LLC.

The best place to begin once you have decided to buy a home is to interview several lenders and begin the prequalification process.  And, yes it is a process!  Prequalifying for a loan will give you the information you need to determine how much home you can afford, what debt you will need to eliminate in order to qualify, and any other issues you may need to rectify in order to obtain your loan.

Once this process has been completed it is time to create a wish list and go house hunting.  Try to limit the number of homes you look at in a day and keep a note book as to likes and dislikes of each home, as your journey continues you might find that everything on your wish list may not be possible and you may want to revisit some of the homes you have seen. Now that you have selected the home you intend to purchase your realtor  has the advantage of negotiating for you to get you the best price possible. We also have an excellent relationship with our builders valley wide and and can show you new developments throughout the valley!